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the dada original

the dada original

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Our sandal features a cross-toe strap that encases the foot and a mid-strap with an elastic inner for comfort and additional support.   

  • Moroccan leather upper
  • Recycled foam leather footbed
  • EVA midsole
  • Custom-branded rubber outsole

100% Leather upper & 100% Rubber outsole

If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up for the perfect fit. 

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Our sandal features a cross-toe strap that encases the foot and a mid-strap with an elastic inner for comfort and additional support. 100% Leather upper & 100% Rubber outsole.

The natural variations and wrinkles in the leather used for walk with dada sandals add a unique and personal touch to each pair.

As leather ages, it develops its own distinct character, reflecting the individual journey of its owner. These wrinkles tell the story of the paths walked by each Dada Original owner, making each sandal truly 
one-of-a-kind and special.

Function | Podiatrics

Can you elaborate on the collaboration with the podiatric expert in the design process of the Dada Originals? How did this collaboration come about, and what specific role did the podiatric expert play in the design decisions? 

Danielle: "My Father is a podiatrist and helped guide our design process to make sure the proper mechanisms were put in place to help support posture and alignment/ mobility and function / and overall long-term comfort and foot health." 

When working with a podiatric expert, what were the key foot health considerations you aimed to address in the design of Dada Originals? How did these considerations influence the features and structure of the sandals?

Danielle: "Most people spend half their day or more on their feet. Wearing a supportive sandal helps support the body in other areas like our back and knees. Wearing the wrong type of shoe can cause pain in those areas and lower productivity and way of life."

Achieving a comfortable walking sandal while maintaining a fashionable design is challenging. How did you find a balance between comfort and style in the design process? Were there specific design elements or materials that played a crucial role?

Danielle: "It was a little challenging because we wanted to make sure the shoe was minimalistic and didn't want it to look orthopedic or fall into the category of a bulky antiquated sandal. All the elements of the design play a crucial role in the comfort and strength of the shoe but I would say the most important function is the recycled foam bed. We also spent a lot of time on the thickness of the straps - we wanted to make sure the straps were wide enough to comfortably support the forefoot and midfoot without looking too wide aesthetically. The height of the sandals was also important to us, we wanted the sandals to have a bit of height to them so you felt supported and above ground when you wear them but without looking like they were a platform."

Were there specific materials or technologies incorporated into Dada Originals to enhance comfort and support? How did the choice of materials contribute to both the aesthetic appeal and the overall comfort of the sandals?

Danielle: "Sourcing high-quality materials as well as making sure the materials we use produce the right function for our needs was what we kept in mind. See the below graphic that explains the breakdown."


Recycled Foam Footbed

The 9mm of recycled foam inside the footbed allows for additional support and comfort.


Morocco Leather Straps and Footbed

Moroccan leather is very strong, breathable, and tear-resistant. It’s soft and also absorbs dyes really well making the leather rich and saturated.


Branden Rubber Outsole

Rubber is water resistant which prevents slipping. It is also shock absorbent, provides grip when walking on multiple terrains, and allows for a long shoe life.


EVA Midsole

The midsole is the area that is sandwiched between the bootbed and the outsole. We chose EVA as the material as it provides cushioning and rebound and also balances weight for walking on multiple terrains.

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How did you keep the end-users in mind during the design process? Were there specific insights or feedback from potential customers that influenced the design decisions for Dada Originals?

Danielle: "Everything is about the end users. Courtney and I were the end users as we designed. As we sampled and tested, we made tweaks to all the various areas that made the shoe feel better while keeping its simple design."

How did you ensure that the design caters to different activities and lifestyles, providing comfort for extended periods while remaining stylish?

Danielle: "We designed this sandal to be the be-all and end-all of sandals. ◡̈ It is a simple, stylish sandal that is functional and can be worn almost anywhere. The rubber outsole, recycled foam footbed, and soft leather upper make for comfortable, strong footwear."

Considering the podiatric influence, do you see an opportunity to educate consumers about the importance of comfortable and supportive footwear? How do you communicate the foot health benefits of Dada Originals to your consumers?

Danielle: "Wearing comfortable shoes can still be chic! Taking care of our bodies is the chicest. Wearing supportive sandals can help eliminate issues such as Planter Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis. Our sandals also accommodate customers with forefoot issues like Bunions and Hammertoes."

Why do you believe consumers should give heightened attention to the footwear they choose to wear, and what are the potential benefits that come with a shoe designed with podiatric expertise in mind? 

Danielle: "While other articles of clothing, such as shirts or shorts, play a role in comfort and function, supportive shoes are particularly crucial because they directly impact the health and functionality of the feet, affecting our overall well-being and mobility."

Customer Reviews

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Sara Johansen
Love these sandals!

So comfy, and so cool. I love the little bit of height they add. Beautifully crafted leather sandals! I’m typically a 71/2 and got an 8. Perfect fit!

Pat Berryhill
Cute and comfortable

I love my new walk with dada sandals. They fit perfectly from the first wearing and have only gotten more comfortable each time I put them on! Would definitely buy again in another color.

Lauren Hill
Perfect staple sandal!

I love that these can be dressed up or down. Perfect sandal!

Diletta Rosasco


Jenna A
Second purchase

This is my second set and I love these sandals! My black pair is still in great shape, but I wanted a tan pair for spring. They fit great and are very comfortable