Courtney Bolton

HOMETOWN - Jacksonville, FL

FAVORITE HOBBIES - spending time with my daughter and husband, working out, exploring everything outdoors in beautiful St. Pete, Fl, going to the beach, and a recently found love for Mahjong!

WHY DADA - Dada is a creative outlet and expression of Danielle and I's style. We have a passion for the retail and fashion industry having worked in it for over 11 years. We are both new moms and didn't want to sacrifice our style for comfort. Dada is a way to keep our outfits and lifestyle simple, comfortable, and chic.

BIGGEST DESIGN INFLUENCES - Love a classic and iconic presence like Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy- her style continues to influence to this day.

WHAT MAKES YOU REALLY LAUGH - My husband and daughter! And Danielle :)

FAVORITE WAY TO STYLE THE DADA ORIGINAL- Dada can be worn for work or play. Living in Florida, I am constantly in sandals. But, I love that I can transition to any environment in my dadas. I have them in every color (obviously) and love to wear them with a casual floral dress or black trousers to work!